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Parker Medical Las Vegas - Las Vegas Concierge Medicine - Cecilia Rodriguez - Medical Assistant
Cecilia Rodriguez
Medical Assistant
Parker Medical

Meet Cecilia


Cecilia Rodriguez has always been motivated by a strong desire to help people, and this desire inspired her to enter the medical field. At Parker Medical, Cecilia Rodriguez is a medical assistant and enjoys collaborating with Dr. Ryon Parker on preparation and patient care. She believes that every patient should be treated with respect and values patient care and service above all.

“I love patient interaction the most. I love getting to help them and doing it because I want to.”

Cecilia Rodriguez’s philosophy about patient care is built upon a foundation of respect, understanding, and compassion. As a sympathetic person and someone devoted to her patients, she believes that having the privilege to help people is the best part of her job as a medical assistant.

Helping people achieve wellness is an excellent source of pride for Cecilia Rodriguez. She understands how difficult it can be to be sick or deal with medical professionals who aren’t patient-focused. She goes above and beyond to ensure that her patients are comfortable and feel at ease. She is proud to be a part of the Parker Medical team and give patients the exceptional care they deserve.



Parker Medical offers traditional primary care medicine integrated with personalized medical approaches to meet your needs in a concierge setting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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