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Medical Weight Loss

Kick your energy levels up, enjoy delicious food that fuels your body, and finally, see the weight loss results you’ve been working towards.

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Medical Weight Loss Las Vegas
Las Vegas Wellness Center
Medical Weight Loss
Parker Medical

Doctor-approved, science-backed weight loss that delivers results.


As we age, our metabolism slows, and our bodies begin to function less efficiently.

At Parker Medical, the center for medical weight loss in Las Vegas, we understand the direct connection between aging and weight gain.

We provide each patient with a customized medical weight loss plan designed to achieve your goals at our conveniently located office in Las Vegas.

Our medical weight loss programs are specially formulated to help patients lose weight, feel more energized, and regain their sense of vitality and youth.

Implementing these lifestyle changes can also significantly reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome – a specific group of risk factors associated with the likelihood of Coronary Artery Disease, stroke, and Type II Diabetes.

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Answers to frequently asked medical weight loss questions:

Our appetite suppressant program comprises a monthly weigh-in with body composition analysis, an injection containing a B-complex, fat burner, amino acid blend, medication to control appetite and cravings, and a tailored nutrition plan based on your concerns and goals.

Guided accountability

All of our programs are physician-supervised, with regular visits with the practitioner, open access to our nutritionists, and daily emails with recipes and workouts. This comprehensive approach helps patients lose weight and keep it off long-term by implementing lifestyle changes.

  • Reduce Hunger, Control Appetite, and Inhibit Cravings for Fatty Foods
  • Enhance Energy levels and Boost Mood
  • Improve Ability for Physical Activity and Increasing Stamina
  • Increase Metabolic Rate as You Rest (the number of calories your body burns at rest)

By adding hormone therapy, we’re able to bio-chemically alter your metabolism. We’re helping your body break down fat and improve energy through better glucose utilization.

Medical weight loss patients at Parker Medical in Las Vegas come in weekly for weigh-ins and vitamin injections.

A weigh-in helps maintain accountability and is a way to track changes in body composition, while vitamin injections will boost your energy and metabolism. Regular monitoring keeps patients on track and allows us to intervene if dietary or lifestyle changes are affecting efficiency in weight loss.

We have some patients who cannot come into the office weekly for one reason or another.

In this scenario, special accommodations are made to come in every other week, or they can contact their nutritionist to check in with their results and make any necessary adjustments to their medical weight loss plan at that time.

At Parker Medical, we are one of the very few offices that use remote patient monitoring technology, where we can check your progress from the convenience of your home.

Medical weight loss with Parker Medical’s science-backed program has been successfully incorporated into the lives of many.

Anyone willing to commit themselves and the program will have success in both losing weight and maintaining their results.

All patients are provided with a support team comprised of a medical practitioner, a patient care coordinator, and medical assistants who will guide and encourage them along the way.

Through our quality metrics, the clinic we have a 98% proven success rate in weight loss.

Actual results demand real change.

Unlike other programs, Parker Medicals’s integrative approach allows our team to help you implement the lifestyle changes necessary to lose weight and build new habits to provide a solid foundation for positive change.

This foundation includes nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle choices, all under the guidance of a medical doctor.

Many other Las Vegas medical weight loss clinics prescribe medication without educating or supporting patients in their nutrition and fitness. Parker Medical is about improving comprehensively, and our team works with you even after the program is complete to implement a maintenance plan to continue with your new happier, healthier lifestyle.

When you follow the Parker Medical protocol, there is a maintenance plan to help you keep the weight off or maintain your healthy lifestyle.

The answer is two-fold; yes, so long as your nutrition (not your cravings) is the primary compass for eating.

If you continue to follow the guidelines provided, there’s no reason you can’t eat any type of food in moderation. However, as you become more educated about the food you think of as normal, you may conclude that you’re uninterested in putting these foods in your body anymore.

As you become accustomed to clean eating, your taste buds will inevitably change, and foods you never found palatable before may become your new cravings.

Meanwhile, the food items once a staple of your diet may no longer seem a healthy and desirable option. It’s all in your choosing; we only provide the tools for success at your medical weight loss clinic in Las Vegas.

Does medical weight loss actually work?


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