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Parker Medical Las Vegas - Las Vegas Concierge Medicine - Christin Borquez Rodriguez - Patient Coordinator
Christin Borquez
Office Manager / Patient Coordinator
Parker Medical

Meet Christin


Christin Borquez is a consummate professional with a comprehensive understanding of her role as an office manager in the healthcare field. Her journey began at 15 when she started working for her pediatrician, honing her skills in meticulous record-keeping and tailored administrative tasks. Since then, she has evolved into a proactive and organized expert in healthcare management, finding deep satisfaction in her work.

“I love that patient interaction. I like to make sure that I take care of everybody equally and help them.”

At Parker Medical, Christin takes pride in her role as a linchpin of the team, valuing every interaction with patients who are an integral part of the Parker Medical family. She recognizes that a good relationship with patients is paramount and is committed to ensuring their needs are met from inception to completion. Christin operates with efficiency and a detail-oriented approach, believing that transparent and communicative interactions form the bedrock of patient-centered care.

Patients can trust that any request made to Christin will be handled promptly and accurately. She understands that effective communication is essential to building trust and assures patients she stands by their side, tirelessly advocating for their well-being.

Christin fuels her passion for healthcare with the opportunity to leave a lasting, positive impression on patients. Her ultimate reward is witnessing their satisfaction with the care and treatment they receive. At the end of each day, Christin’s goal is to ensure that patients genuinely feel the unwavering support of her and the entire Parker Medical team as they work diligently to provide the same high-quality, patient-focused care that every individual deserves. Her role as an office manager is not just a job; it’s a commitment to excellence in healthcare.



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