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Meet Christin

Parker Medical offers traditional primary care medicine integrated with personalized medical approaches to meet your needs in a concierge setting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Parker Medical Las Vegas - Las Vegas Concierge Medicine - Christin Borquez Rodriguez - Office Manager / Patient Coordinator
Christin Borquez
Office Manager / Patient Coordinator
Parker Medical


Christin Borquez always knew that she wanted to work in the healthcare field. When she was 15, she began working for her pediatrician, filing and keeping records. Since then, she has continued to work in medical billing, and she thoroughly enjoys what she does. At Parker Medical, Chris enjoys interacting with and helping each patient who is a part of the Parker Medical family.

“I love that patient interaction. I like to make sure that I take care of everybody equally and help them.”

Here, Chris believes that having a good relationship with patients and making sure that all of their needs are taken care of from start to finish is essential to supporting the culture and mission of Parker Medical. When patients ask her to do something, patients can be assured that it will be done right away. Communication is the foundation of a good relationship, and Chris communicates with patients to let them know that she is on their side and working for them.

Having the opportunity to make a positive impression on patients continues to fuel her passion for working in healthcare. Chris loves watching people who are satisfied with the care that they got and the treatment they received. At the end of the day, she wants to make sure that patients truly feel like she and the entire Parker Medical team are there to help them and are working to give everyone the same high-quality, patient-focused care that they truly deserve.



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