Ryon Parker, MD

Las Vegas Concierge Doctor

Growing up in a small town in Nebraska, Dr. Ryon Parker was exposed to everything that a small-town doctor had to offer his patients: ownership and pride in caring for his community. When Dr. Parker set out to begin Parker Medical, he wanted to embrace the small-town feel and provide his patients with the care, respect, compassion, and attention that is often lost in today’s healthcare system. The physician-patient relationship is the core of Dr. Parker’s philosophy, and it is the foundation of Parker Medical.

“I want to find out what brings you joy, what are your goals, what makes you happy, what are the broken things in your life that we can fix.”

At Parker Medical, Dr. Parker makes a point of spending at least 30-90 minutes with each patient. During each visit, he spends time genuinely getting to know each patient individually to provide the best possible care that is unencumbered by the rules and regulations that contribute to the current broken healthcare system. As a concierge practice, Dr. Parker is dedicated to providing full-service, full-time medical care to each patient that is appropriate and compassionate.

Preventative strategies are, Dr. Parker believes, the way to create a healthier nation. By focusing on his patients as whole people instead of people with issues in isolation, Dr. Parker focuses his attention on preventative care and long-term strategies for overall health. At Parker Medical, Dr. Parker believes that health is not defined by a lack of illness but rather by the joy, happiness, gratitude, and balance that one feels daily.

The most important part of what Dr. Parker does at Parker Medical is making a difference in people’s lives. Being a beacon of strength in the lives of his patients continues to excite Dr. Parker and fuel his passion for what he does. Getting lost in the shuffle of today’s healthcare system is easy, and Dr. Parker prides himself and his practice on the patient-physician relationship that is at the core of good, responsive, and responsible healthcare.

Welcome to the change in healthcare you have been waiting for!


Undergraduate Education
Hastings College
B.A., Biochemistry

Post-Graduate Education
Husson University
M.B.A., Healthcare Management

Medical School
Ross University School of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine

Tufts University School of Medicine
Maine Medical Center
Internal Medicine & Pediatrics

Affiliations and Memberships

Board of Directors
American Academy of Private Physicians

Academic Appointments

Adjunct Faculty
UNLV School of Medicine

Dr. Ryon Parker MD MBA - Las Vegas Concierge Doctor

Ryon Parker, MD, MBA – Las Vegas Concierge Doctor