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Parker Medical Las Vegas - Las Vegas Concierge Medicine - Jill Houska - Administrative Assistant
Jill Houska
Administrative Assistant
Parker Medical

Meet Jill


Jill Houska is the administrative assistant at Parker Medical. After many years of wishing she had gone into the medical field, Jill Houska made her way here and feels incredibly fortunate to be a part of the Parker Medical family. As the administrative assistant, she gets to greet the patients as they walk in the door, and she tries to make every patient feel welcome and at ease.

“I’ve never enjoyed work as much as I do now.”

When it comes to her philosophy of patient interaction, Jill goes out of her way to make the patients feel special and always calls them by their first names—she believes that the patients at Parker Medical should feel special because they are special.

Her passion for her job at Parker Medical is fueled by watching the patients transform and get the answers they need. Engaging and communicating with patients and watching them get the care that they need is a great source of joy for Jill Houska. Finally a part of the medical field, Jill Houska looks forward to coming to work every morning and being a part of the lives of everyone, including patients, who makes Parker Medical the welcoming, patient-focused environment that it is.



Parker Medical offers traditional primary care medicine integrated with personalized medical approaches to meet your needs in a concierge setting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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