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Parker Medical Las Vegas - Las Vegas Concierge Medicine - Gabbie Bender - Medical Assistant
Gabbie Bender
Medical Assistant
Parker Medical

Meet Gabbie


Gabbie Bender is a dedicated medical assistant with a passion for healthcare and a vision for the future. Currently pursuing her education to become a nurse practitioner at Midwestern University in Arizona, Gabbie’s journey in the medical field has already spanned seven years. Her experience as an MA in concierge medicine has honed her skills and solidified her commitment to providing top-notch patient care.

“My dedication to this role stems from a deep-seated commitment to our patients’ wellbeing. It’s this very passion that drives my pursuit of continuous learning, ensuring I can provide the highest standard of care.”

Beyond her professional life, Gabbie’s love for the outdoors is evident. She’s not just an adventurer; she’s an intrepid explorer. Gabbie’s most remarkable hiking achievement is a hidden gem in Utah. This journey began with rappelling into a canyon and traversing 26 miles to emerge on the other side. Her adventurous spirit and passion for exploration make her a true canyoner.

In her medical career and outdoor pursuits, Gabbie embodies qualities that define her: comprehensive, proactive, detail-oriented, and patient-focused. As she continues her educational journey to become a nurse practitioner, Gabbie is driven by a commitment to excellence and a genuine desire to positively impact the lives of her patients, just as she has in the great outdoors.



Parker Medical offers traditional primary care medicine integrated with personalized medical approaches to meet your needs in a concierge setting in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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