Aesthetics | Master Nurse Injector
Charlotte McLachlan, RN

Charlotte McLachlan is a registered nurse and licensed aesthetician. At Parker Medical, Charlotte McLachlan is the nurse injector who performs Botox and other cosmetic injectable procedures. In addition to working with cosmetic injectables, Charlotte can, and does, assist Dr. Parker with the medical concerns of their patients.

Injectables are my passion; I feel like I do artwork.”

At her complimentary consultation, Charlotte McLachlan assesses each patient individually to be able to clearly understand what her patient’s needs are as they see them. She doesn’t believe in trying to fix what her patients feel are their faults or make them appear “done,” but rather she prides herself on helping her patients feel refreshed. With all of her cosmetic injectable work, Charlotte aims to make subtle changes and restorations to her patient’s appearance in a way that meets their individual cosmetic goals.

Her love of artwork continues to fuel her passion for cosmetic injectables, as she feels as though the face is her canvas. The ability to give someone the confidence of feeling and looking good after perfecting their perceived flaws is a source of great joy for Charlotte. She is always striving to continue her education to give her patients the best care that she possibly can.

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