Senior Medical Assistant
Ashley Royer

Ashley Royer is Dr. Parker’s medical assistant. She has always been intrigued by medicine, and to this day she enjoys being a part of procedures, preparation, and patient care. At Parker Medical, because it is a concierge medical office, Ashley Royer relishes in being able to forge deep, friendly relationships with patients. As a standard, she goes above and beyond for her patients to give them the phenomenal care that they deserve.

“Seeing how happy and appreciative they are for us and going above and beyond continues to fuel my passion. I always try my best to go above and beyond to make them happy and comfortable.”


At Parker Medical, Ashley Royer is driven by the connections that she makes with patients. She is a very empathetic person and uses this to fuel her passion to ensure that her patients are taken care of. Understanding how valuable time is to patients, she prides herself on being a part of a team that values minimizing the time between diagnosis and treatment.

Her philosophy of patient care is rooted in providing the best possible care for patients and giving them only what they need to get answers and peace of mind. Working with Dr. Parker has given her the confidence and inspiration to continue to do everything she does every day for the patients that she gets to help at Parker Medical.

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